Mobile and Web Game Development

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Fierce Fun is an app development studio specialising in mobile apps, animations and games. We create interactive apps for Apple, Android and HTML5 platforms. In addition to original IP development, we provide custom mobile application development services for the advertising, educational and gaming sectors. Our proprietary technology allows us to provide synchronised interactive entertainment across all digital consumer platforms.

What we do
Apps, interactive software, user interfaces, games and animations. All the cool stuff that keeps your customers clicking

Our Work

Why us
Results!  Mixing creativity, technology and metrics, we ensure your digital message is engaging and effective.

Who benefits from our apps:
Advertisers: With a proven track record of producing creative interactive apps, we can get your brand visible in the mobile app charts

Websites/Online Publishers: With our games library, we can commercialize your digital content and ensure maximum value for brand in the mobile sector.

Educators/E-learning: We provide comprehensive gaming & animation content for leading educational organisations and e-learning companies.

Publishing Channels:
Google Play, Apple Apps Store, Facebook , Kongregate, Steam.

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Fierce Fun Offices
Docklands Innovation Park
East Wall Road
Dublin 3