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How To Play
The Bag Man will ask you a question, you will be given three possible answers, only one of them is correct.
There is a time limit, you will have to think and act fast - so get your thumbs ready.
You get bonus point for answering questions quickly , but you’ve got to be pretty quick to get them!

Lives And Points
You begin with a set number of lives, if you don’t answer a question correctly you lose a life. In order to advance to the next question, you need to have some lives left, if you don’t have any… well, then it’s game over for you.

The point structure is as follows:
20 pts - Answer question correctly.
20 pts - When you complete a round.
10 pts - Answer within bonus bar time.
25 pts - Answer within 1 second.
75 pts - Ultra Fast (no lives lost).
30 pts - Brain Factor (B Factor) when you achieve a good combination of speed & accuracy.
100 pts - when you complete a level, every four rounds.
-10 pts - Answer question Incorrectly.
-10 pts - Time up.

Game Versions
There are 4 versions;
- Free, comes with limited lives and questions, but has in-game ads.
- Basic: no ads, 50% of questions, high scores and saved games.
- Standard: no ads, 100% of questions, high-scores, saved games and 1 extra life.
- Premium: no ads, 100% of questions, a bonus extra question set, high scores, saved games, 2 extra lives and Hall of Fame.

Where can I get it?
The Big Bad Quiz is available for Android and iOS, on the Google Play and Apple Apps Store

Will there be new content
Yes, we are planning to add new question content. Priority will be given to those players who have unlocked the game. This update will depend on the number of game downloads.


The Game keeps freezing, What should I do?
Memory issues can cause your game to freeze/crash, especially when using older phones. The best way to fix these is to close other apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, as these apps take up a lot of memory. If that doesn't work try restart your device, which clears the memory.

Facebook/Twitter Shares (extra lives)
You need the latest version of the Facebook/Twitter app installed for these to work

High-scores not working
At times of heavy usage, the highscore server may occasionally go slower than normally. Try again later to post your score.

Can I get it on other platforms
We are planning to bring BBQ to other platforms in the near future.

The game has stopped working
Restart your device and this should solve the issue.

Contacting Us
If you have any other questions about the game that are not answered in this FAQ, please contact us using the form in the About  Us page.