Orcs and Outlaws – Official Beta Trailer

Unveiling the Thrilling World of “Orcs and Outlaws": Watch the Official Beta Trailer Now!

Greetings, wish-listers, adventurers, steamers and gamers!

We are excited to share some news that we've been eagerly waiting to unveil. The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! The first official trailer for our new action-shooter , "Orcs and Outlaws," is here.

Step into the Shoes of a Legendary Bounty Hunter

"Orcs and Outlaws" invites players to step into the boots of our fierce and fearless protagonist, Ava Garand. Delve into the secret world of infernal bounty hunting. Ava is a legendary bounty hunter, skilled in demonic combat and experienced in tracking phantom spirits and demons. Her latest bounty - to uncover the hidden secrets of an ancient Orc army, find its source of power and, and combat malevolent forces that stand in her way.

Our trailer provides a tantalizing glimpse into the immersive world of "Orcs and Outlaws”" From breathtaking fantasy landscapes, dark caves and castles to intense firefights, the trailer showcases the dynamic gameplay and ferocious shootouts that await you. Witness Ava as she navigates treacherous surroundings, engages in high-octane combat, and unlocks cryptic clues to reveal the mysteries of a long-forgotten demonic army.

Key Features Highlighted in the Trailer

Stunning Visuals: Our team (me) has meticulously crafted a visually stunning dark mystical world, blending atmospheric lighting and effects, along with fantastical elements to create an environment that feels both intimidating and magical.

Dynamic Combat: Engage in fast-paced, shooting and melee combat with a wide array of weapons and munitions at your disposal. The trailer highlights some of the adrenaline-fueled action sequences that are at the heart of this game.

Rich Storyline: Follow Ava as she uncovers a gripping story filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. The trailer hints at the deep lore and compelling Orc characters and lore that drive the game's narrative.

The release of the "Orcs and Outlaws" trailer marks just the beginning of an incredible journey. We can't wait for you to experience the thrills, challenges, and discoveries that await in the game. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Stay adventurous,

Hanz Solo Dev

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Orcs and Outlaws Website

Our new game Orcs and Outlaws (previously called Condition 24) now has it’s own website; http://www.condition24.blog/

We will be updated the site on a regular basis with development and features news. We are planning to release the first game demo over the summer so register on the site for our email newsletter and you will get the download link. Now back to my level design tasks!

Unity Game Consulting Services

 Unity is now the most popular game engine used for 2D and 3D games, AR and VR applications and a wide variety of rich media apps. Unity's real power lies in the ecosystem of supporting technologies that work with the engine. These include cross platform support, analytics, monetisation, multiplayer, artificial intelligence and collaborative work systems. At Fierce Fun, we have been using Unity for several years now and have developed expertise in the programming and design techniques associated with this game engine.

For companies needing Unity expertise or outsourced development, Fierce Fun can provide full project development services or niche programming support and training.

Drop us a line to find out more.

Condition 24: Early prototype gameplay video

Even thought we have not finished the prototype, we decided to post a little video of the game taking shape. We just could not contain our excitement, so we have to post something! This is only an incredibly early snippet of the actual gameplay. Condition 24 is a third person shooter adventure game set in the near future. Without giving away too much of the story, Condition 24 is a particular type of global emergency where Extractor Agents are needed. With the disbandment of special forces around the world, Extractors are the last remaining soldiers of destiny.

We will be posting new videos regularly as we develop the game so follow us on YouTube or Facebook to stay updated. Also if you would to be the first to play the game, email us support@fiercefun.com and tell us why you are such as badass gamer!

Game Development Naming Conventions

I am still amazed by the amount of game developers that don’t use naming conventions. Yes, developers need freedom to create original expressive code but unless you are working alone with Yoda in the Dagobah system, you and your code will need to work with others. Even if you are working completely alone, a code naming convention can help if you are working on multiple projects over many years. There is nothing worse that looking back over your previous code and going…..what the %$*! Is going on here.

I have uploaded a sample of the Fierce Fun coding conventions. Also here are our asset naming guidelines. Most are based on universal standards such as PascalCase though some are particular to us. Hopefully you may find them useful and I would encourage all developers to adopt some form of naming convention.



Adobe Air

Before Unity, Fierce Fun used the Adobe Air platform extensively. It was a great piece of technology designed as a wrapper for Flash applications. It meant you could deploy Flash apps and games on PC and mobile devices – something Flash was never designed for. The original Macromedia Flash was developed as an animation tool for early Web browsers. Before Flash, the Web was a very static place. With the advent of the SWF format, Flash developers could quickly create and publish highly interactive animated content. It spawned a whole generation of Web animators and indie game developers. You could draw original vector art, animate it and add code – all within one tool. In our opinion, even with Flash's many flaws, nothing has come close to it since.

Then Apple came along with the iPhone which famously did not support Flash content. Steve Jobs was extremely critical of the Flash Player – though this had more to do with his ‘closed’ Apple economic ecosystem than any technical issues – a point that most observers missed. Also, Flash’s parent company Macromedia was bought by Adobe and they never quite understood what to do with Flash.

Adobe Air was developer as a cross platform software environment and it was used to package Flash content for PC and mobile devices. It meant that Web developers could finally design and develop content for both browser and PC/mobile platforms.

Over the years, Adobe reduced their support for Air. There were great add-ons such as the Starling library but gradually developers moved to more established development software such as Unity.

In 2019, Harman (a subsidiary of Samsung) took over the continued developed of the Air SDK. With an established backer, it looks like Air will continue to be an option for developers using the new version of Flash, Adobe Animate.

For anyone interested in using Air or Adobe Animate, we have released some of our Air developer documentation. Just to note - some of the older links may not work but you should find other sections useful.

Adobe Air


AIR_Actionscript Development

Adobe_ Game_Animation Tutorials

AIR Starling

AIR Mobile App Setup_

AIR - SWC Asset Library


Game Development Services

Fierce Fun provides a complete range of game and app development services. Our professional team have experience in designing bespoke games for clients in a variety of sectors including game publishing, education and virtual reality. Our multi-stage design process allows us to produce complex games for both core and casual players. We use proven cross platform technology such as the Unity game engine, Adobe Animate and HTML5 JavaScript game software. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable and cost effective game development company, please contact us for further information.

Distance Zing coming soon to Android and Apple phones

We are working on a mobile version of Distance Zing for both Android and Apple phones and tablets. The main work is in adjusting the controls from the PC version. We think it might be even more fun playing on your mobile. Image - you could be out social distancing AND digitally distancing in our game.... wow, wow, wow.... Remember Distance Zing is a game to remind us all to keep social distancing when we are out and about. Keep 2 meters away from everyone and we all stay safe!

The mobile version will be ready in the next few day.

Distance Zing

Distance Zing

Like everyone else, we have been practicing social distancing for what seems like an eternity. Guess what we found out… its not very social. While most people get it, a good few just carry on as if nothing has changed. Walking or running right beside you as if somehow, they are immune to the virus. So, we decided to create a little game to remind everyone to social distance at all times when you are out.

To succeed in the game, you must maintain a 2 meter from everyone in a busy city, while collect the rarest of the rare paper…. you will see it when you play the game. So you have to avoid groovy grannies, wrecked wrestlers, mega mice and runners …. lots and lots of runners.

Distance Zing allows you to practice your digital distance skills in the virtual world so you can be a 2-meter zinger in the real world

Enjoy it, stay safe and keep your distance !