Orcs and Outlaws Website

Our new game Orcs and Outlaws (previously called Condition 24) now has it’s own website; http://www.condition24.blog/

We will be updated the site on a regular basis with development and features news. We are planning to release the first game demo over the summer so register on the site for our email newsletter and you will get the download link. Now back to my level design tasks!

Unity Game Consulting Services

 Unity is now the most popular game engine used for 2D and 3D games, AR and VR applications and a wide variety of rich media apps. Unity's real power lies in the ecosystem of supporting technologies that work with the engine. These include cross platform support, analytics, monetisation, multiplayer, artificial intelligence and collaborative work systems. At Fierce Fun, we have been using Unity for several years now and have developed expertise in the programming and design techniques associated with this game engine.

For companies needing Unity expertise or outsourced development, Fierce Fun can provide full project development services or niche programming support and training.

Drop us a line to find out more.

Game Development Naming Conventions

I am still amazed by the amount of game developers that don’t use naming conventions. Yes, developers need freedom to create original expressive code but unless you are working alone with Yoda in the Dagobah system, you and your code will need to work with others. Even if you are working completely alone, a code naming convention can help if you are working on multiple projects over many years. There is nothing worse that looking back over your previous code and going…..what the %$*! Is going on here.

I have uploaded a sample of the Fierce Fun coding conventions. Also here are our asset naming guidelines. Most are based on universal standards such as PascalCase though some are particular to us. Hopefully you may find them useful and I would encourage all developers to adopt some form of naming convention.



Unity Developer Contract

Development of a small 2D Unity WebGL game. It is a game for young children, designed to teach them the importance of maths and statistics, using a sports theme.

The graphics, animated sprites and game design will be supplied by us. The developer will need to work remotely with us on Unity Collaborate or ship a weekly source project. It is a fixed price contract and the fee will be dependent on experience. The project duration should be around 4/6 weeks.

- 3rd level qualification (preferably games)
- Good experience in Unity and C# including detailed UI work, animations, gameplay, well organised code, assets and scenes, bug fixing, etc
- A portfolio of game projects
- Good communication skills
- Contribute to the game design and testing

Located in Dublin 3, Fierce Fun is a games start-up specialising in mobile apps & online games, for Apple, Android and HTML5 platforms. We provide a supportive environment for new developers to gain experience in a game development company.

If you are interested, send your CV and a cover letter to: support@fiercefun.com