Take the T-Shock Test for Irelands Election 2016

T-Shock Test 2016

The Almost Epic Gladiatorial Combat of Ireland’s Election 2016

featuring H-enda, Joan from the block, Geri & Mikey


Like the gladiators in ancient Rome, the plebiscite ( that’s us, the plebs, by the way ) of today’s Ireland can now witness our great and not so great ‘wannabe’ leaders prove their prowess in the field of combat in the excellent Fierce Fun mobile free to play game T-Shock Test. As Gladiators are from Rome it might be better to compare our Irish political combatants to the great warriors from Ireland’s own captivating myths and legends.

In all human cultures there is a mythology of heroes and villains, wise folk and fools, greedy and good. From the Viking Sagas to the Folklore of the Far East, all connect in a way that is unique to the human fireside storytelling tradition. Vladimir Propp in his seminal book Morphology of the Folktale pointed out the similarities and common traits in folk memory stories from all over the world. Irish myths share a common bond with all others. 

In Ireland Taoiseach means chieftain or leader, the Gaelic word dates back as far as the language can be traced. In many other countries around the world, aspirant leaders like to dress themselves in the flag and look to the future, in Ireland, our lot, like to dress themselves in a kilt and look to the past. They seek to invoke the spirits of our mythological heroes to assist in their quest for glory.

So let’s take our hopeful leaders and put them centre stage in one of the most famous of Ireland’s mythological tales The Tain. A tale from fado fado, (long ago) of heroes, villains, greed, hubris, friendship and betrayal. I like to call it the battle for the cattle as it sets Irishman against Irishman in the pursuit of the great Brown Bull. Sounds perfect let’s assemble our cast of players from T-Shock challenge.

Queen Medb, Cú Chulainn, Fergus mac Róich and Goll mac Morna all provide great examples of celtic leadership and wisdom. But which of the current ‘wannabe’ leaders should we allow  associate with these legends? Feel free to let your imagination run wild, I did. I like to imagine, a cross dressing Enda, as the fetching Queen Maeve, they both have great bone structure, don’t they?

What about Gerry as Cu Chulainn, now let’s be honest, he does look a little like an Irish Wolfhound and he is the consummate Ulsterman in the cast  of characters. Joan can be Fergus, we don’t stand for gender quotas here. I just think she has the hair for it,and I am sure she could grow a full mustache if push comes to shove. And Michael can be Goll, nobody knows what Goll looked like, so we will imagine him as a bald christian brother teacher type, much like, you know who?

The Battle of the Cattle or The Tain and its modern equivalents featuring –

Enda Kenny as Queen Maeve –  Both like to talk a lot of bull. Both have lands in the Connacht. Both want to steal the Brown Bull of Cooley or is that a Red Bull from Clooney, I can’t recall exactly. Anyway suffice to say with Mayo men at their beckon call, they ravish the country while making the population fall asleep (with lengthy mono tone speeches and rubbing of hands ). They manage to set the country into a state of bullish anarchy with the haves fighting the have nots and the medieval money men ( bankers and the bondholder ) getting rich on the side lines. Sadly it sounds familiar.

Enter Gerry our hound of Ulster. Now CuChulainn had a major role in The Tain and has been known to talk some bull himself. Primarily he is famous as a warrior, now the old fighter needs a rest and here he is looking for the Taoiseach’s pension, what better rest can you get? Just like the our Danish friends say – IF Carlsberg made pensions, they would make it a Taoiseachs pension. So CuChulainn has a lot to fight for, and as some folk like to say in the North good luck with that. 

Joan aka Fergus also features in this great battle pointedly for her / his backing down and making a deal to save his position. Thats sounds familiar as well. Fergus is a deal maker in the original story and likes to avoid a fight, so is Joan, funnily enough. Fergus also stands by idly and lets CuChulainn slay his good friend and ally Ferdia in the name of peace. For shame Fergus. 

I am sorry to say for Michael, that his character, Goll Mc Morna is not in actual fact, featured in the Tain but we have to use poetic licence here as there simply is not a suitable character for you to play. So I picked out Goll, who I think suits Michael perfectly. He is not universally liked, although he is a member of the Fianna (Fail) and a friend of its leader Fionn Mc Cool despite the fact that he did kill Fionn’s Dad. But worse still, Goll then went on to betray his gang the Fianna and in turn the whole country for greed and power, and lead the them into disaster. Also sound all too familiar.

So there we have it, the potential leaders and their inspirational mythological mascots, but do they have what it takes to beat the bondholders, eradicate the euro bankers, and dodge the TD-Rex ? You decide as you take them into the combat arena. Take your favourite politician out for a bit of physical endurance with the T- Shock Test. It is the only game in town where you the voter get to watch your politicians pummel or get pummelled.


Top 10 countries for Trivia

So where are the world’s trivia fans located?  Here are the top 10 nations for trivia players.

1. United States
2. Germany
3.  Russia
4. France
5. United Kingdom
6. Spain
7. Brazil
8. Italy
9. Argentina
10. Mexico

According to Google Play 2015

Ireland’s Fastest ISP (Internet Service Provider)


So here we have it. A list of the top performing Internet Service Provider (ISPs) in Ireland. This list was taken from Steam, the global online gaming portal developed by Valve. It has close to 100 million users and as it hosts online games, it gives a good indication of the performance of ISPs as regards heavy download usage.

The table was compiled in September 2015 and shows the average download rates for Steam clients on the most popular Internet Service Providers, sorted by the number of bytes delivered to each network.

As it is just for gaming, obviously it is not a true measure of overall performance. However it is a useful indicator of those providers that have some serious download pipes!


Network Average Download Rate – Mbps
Liberty Global 39.2
HEANET HEAnet Limited,IE 24.4
MAGNET-AS Magnet Networks,IE 16.8
EIRCOM Eircom Limited,IE 11.2
VODAFONE-IRELAND-ASN Vodafone Ireland,IE 10.5
DIGIWEB-AS Digiweb Ltd.,IE 9.9
AS-BTIRE BT Communications Ireland Limited,IE 7.5
IBIS-AS Imagine Group Ltd.,IE 4.5
H3GIE Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited,IE 4.3

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Big Bad Quiz – register now

Like TV quiz shows, you will love Big Bad Quiz. It’s a fast, fun and furious trivia quiz game hosted by the one and only Bag Man. He is one crazy quiz master and has scoured the universe for the toughest questions ever. With topics like sports, music ,movies, history and celebs, the full game features over 150+ levels of ultra fast non-stop rounds. With only seconds to answer each question, a fast brisk brain and snappy fingers are needed. No waiting for other players, just get going.

The Big Bad Quiz is packed with truck loads of tough challenging questions that will come at you relentlessly. While playing, you will be presented with a mixture of topics, so your brain has to stay alert at all times. Be warned though, you will have only a limited number of game lives before the Bag Man busts you out of the game.

The Bag Man will be challenging you every step of the way, making sure that the questions get harder with every round. Being a quiz host, he’ll let you know when you are playing badly, in his own special way.

Games features include:
BFactor – this ranking is a combination of your speed and accuracy in answering questions.

Highscores – the game features a global highscore table. See if you can get ranked.

Extra Lives by Sharing – you can get extra lives by sharing your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Hall of Fame – the Bag Man will feature players who contact him with mega highscores.

Tons of Topics – you get questions on: sports, celebs, tv, music, movies, places, people, history, technology, geography, dates, science, nature, numbers, fashion, media and lots more…

The Big Bad Quiz is not for the faint hearted – like a rhino on roller-blades, it is big, mean and fast.

The Bag Man challenges you to take on The Big Bad Quiz!

Register for it here:

Apple and Android App Development


So you are planning your next digital campaign for the Irish market. You’ve got all boxes ticked; SEO, PPC, banner ads, social media and blog posts. The problem is your competitor has also got those boxes ticked.

If you need your campaign to be effective in the Irish market, you should consider a custom mobile gaming app. Like other territories, Irish mobile consumers love gaming apps. A gaming app can be used as:
– A mobile focused advertising or marketing campaign.
– An interactive tool to educate consumers about your product features
– A highly effective viral and social media marketing tool
– A competition to get new registered users

Above all, they offer a cost effective solution to increase your online and mobile business. Contact us for more details.

Minister Harris plays Big Bad Quiz

Fierce Fun recently took part in the PwC 2015 Docklands Innovation Awards. These awards are an enterprise initiative between Docklands Innovation and the DIT Hothouse New Frontiers programme.

They are for companies based in the Docklands Innovation Park. The awards were held in the very cool PwC Spencer Dock buildings on the 11th March 2015.

As part of the awards, there was a companies exhibition. Fierce Fun had a stand at this event.

Best of all, we got the Minister to play our mobile trivia game Big Bad Quiz. The Minister in question was Simon Harris, TD, Minister of State with responsibility for International Financial Services, the Office of Public Works and Public Procurement.


Peter Lynch from Fierce Fun with the Minister of State Simon Harris

He liked the game and got through the first round of questions pretty quickly. We will add him to our list of beta testers!

Big Bad Quiz will launch in Q2 2015.

Docklands Innovation
DIT Hothouse

The Future of Computer Gaming

Modern technology has taken amazing strides forward over the past few years, and this is just as true when it come to gaming technology. With 2015 fully upon us and a number of Gaming and Technology events having taken place throughout January, we here at Fierce Fun thought it would be a good idea to run through a couple of the major developments we can expect to see in 2015.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has been with us since the 90’s when Sega released Sega VR in the arcades (although it never made it to the consoles), but with the creation of devices such as the Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality has made a comeback.  Now that Virtual Reality has once again hit the mainstream, it has become a realistic goal for video game creators to make VR games.This has also led to a rise of devices like the Rift, or other devices which make you feel like you are really in the game.

Games Everywhere:

With the widespread release of wearable technology, primarily the rise of the smart watch, and with the further & further reach of smart phones, and the inevitable rise of the smart TVs, like AndroidTV, technology is everywhere.  Which means that in 2015 we will be able to play games everywhere. With the new challenges and opportunities presented, we can look forward to some new games which take advantage of these opportunities, and perhaps taking augmented reality along for the ride.

Indie Games:

A trend that will increase across 2015 is the large part of video games industry that Independent studios will play.  The mainstream studios are sticking to the tried & tested channels and games. However, with the wide availability of channels, open source software and variety of funding options have made game creation available for independent studios, and they are creating games that are creative, unique and very enjoyable.  We here at Fierce Fun are ourselves independent and are currently creating a variety of mobile app games with Big Bad Quiz for Android & iOs being our first title to launch in Q1 2015.


Social Media has taken up a large part of our lives over the past decade or so, and it’s reach will only increase in 2015.  However, game developers must capitalise on the this trend in order to maintain their success. Consumers are no longer private about their gaming, and want to publish across their various social channels. Sony and Microsoft have both made a leap toward this with the PS4 and Xbox ONE respectively. For companies to be successful in 2015, they not only have to post quality, relevant content on their social media channels regularly. This goes double for smaller creators, who don’t have the brand recognition, and must strive to make a name for themselves.

Respected Gamers:

Before the 2000’s, video gamers were seen as a subset of kids and immature men. This changed with the emergence of consoles and the creation of motion sensing technology, like the Wii. Recently, the number of gamers has grown exponentially, and has broken down all gender and age barriers. So in 2015, we will see gaming becoming a more socially respected hobby, as there will be more gamers across all platforms than non-gamers. Also, thanks to the jobs being created making games, and the growing professional gamer sector, the gamers of 2015 will be the most respected gamers yet.


What makes a good trivia game?

Making a good trivia game can be a tricky thing to do. First, you have to actually create a lot of interesting trivia questions, then you have to present them in an interesting way. We have seen many simple trivia games come and go without creating much of a following, while game-shows like Jeopardy and Family Feud are still going strong after decades. Why? well, the answer is two-fold.

First of all, they have a host. The host is a vital part of a game, whether they are making friends, sharing jokes, grilling contestants with tough questions, or just declaring them the “weakest link”, the host brings something unique and fun to the show. Second, each game-show has a theme, and just like the host, they can vary from unforgiving questions, to light-hearted fun. When it came to creating the Big Bad Quiz, we here at Fierce Fun took that information on-board.


Thus, the Bag Man was born. He is our answer to hosts like Bob Barker or Anne Robinson, and his style of hosting is reminiscent of the “You Don’t Know Jack” series of quiz games. The Bag Man is sarcastic, insulting, but always encourages you to try a bit harder, to get the extra bonus points, or just to wipe the smile off his bag.

When making a game, especially  mobile game, you need to consider the time constraint that people will be under. Consumers can’t devote an entire hour to a single session on a game. You need to be able to make a game that is engaging enough that it can be played during a quick-five minute break, or while commuting to or from the office. At the same time however, there needs to be a facility in place to keep people’s attention span over longer periods of time. Again, we looked at game-shows for the answer.

Rapid fire rounds were the best solution we found. You could quickly fly through a round or two while waiting for the bus, save your progress, answer a few texts, then come back to the game a little while later and pick up where you left off. Each round takes about ninety seconds to complete, which makes it perfect for “burst players”. In a survey of gamers in the United States, 44% of respondents said that they played on their phones for less than 30 minutes a day. Since the rounds are paced so well, and there is no limit on the number of rounds you can complete, the game can last however long or short you want it to. The biggest games these days, like Candy Crush, or Flappy Bird, also subscribe to this idea of rapid-fire gameplay.

 Finally, we added some really tricky questions to the mix to liven things up, especially as you get further and further into the game. The rounds might go by quickly, but they won’t all be easy to finish. Adding that to the fact that there are almost two thousand questions, and they all appear in a random order each time you play, means that the game will be fresh, and tough every time you open it up.

So that’s our opinion, a good trivia game needs to have a unique host, the ability to be played for short or long periods and above all, needs to be fresh every time you play it, in order to keep players interested.


Computer Games – Digital Marketing Ireland


So you need a game quickly for your next digital marketing campaign. At Fierce Fun, we have large library of pre-built games that can quickly be configured for your online or mobile campaign. These games are cross platform and can be published on either mobile (iPhone, Android) or online/social platforms. Our game library includes action, adventure, arcade, card, casino, music, puzzle, racing, sports, strategy and word games.