Perfect your social distancing skills to become a distance zinger!

Like everyone else, we have been practising social distancing for what seems like an eternity. While most people get it, a good few just carry on as if nothing has changed. Walking or running right beside you as if somehow, they are immune to a virus. So, we decided to create a little game to remind everyone to socially distance at all times when you are out.

To succeed in the game, you must maintain a 2 meter from everyone in a busy city, while collecting the rarest of the rare paper. To survive,  you must avoid groovy grannies, wild wrestlers, mega mice and runners …. lots and lots of runners!

Distance Zing allows you to practise your digital distance skills in the virtual world so you can be a 2-meter distance zinger in the real world

Enjoy it, stay safe and keep your distance


If you would like to host this game on your site, contact us and we will send you the files !