Orcs and Outlaws

A classic action adventure shooter,  featuring the bionic blonde bounty hunter Ava Garand versus a horde of super Orcs and their army of the undead.

  • A new generation of Orc warriors
  • Their army of dragons, demons and the undead
  • A bionic blonde bounty hunter
  • And guns…… lots and lots of guns!

They always exited. Before human time could be measured, Orcs thrived in the darkness. Led astray by the Dark Lords in the genesis wars, they survived the centuries by becoming independent and almost unseeable to man.

Aware of the their growing ethereal abilities, the kingdoms of man declared Orcs and their rogue spirts as outlaws and issued a king’s ransom for their capture, dead or alive. The world’s most dangerous profession was established - demonic bounty hunting.

Former Irish Army Ranger, Ava Garand is the baddest Orc hunter in the business. Athletic, agile and deadly accurate, she has taken down some of the biggest Orc scores ever.

A new Orc tribe has emerged. Highly organized and protected by their army of the possessed and undead, they has found refuge in Bikini Atoll, the abandoned nuclear test site in the Pacific ocean. They need to be stopped. Dangerous but lucrative work!



Game Genre:

Primary: Third Person Shooter
Secondary Action



PC initially - consoles to follow



In development