Computer Game Design, Development and Publishing: Presentations and Documentation

Below are some of our presentations and notes from talks we have given on the games business. Hopefully they will be of some use to those students interested in computer game development. . 

Computer Game Development  
An overview of our games production process (Concept, Design, Production, Marketing): Video Game Production & Processes Overview 
Game production documents and procedures: Full Life Cycle Application Production Documentation  

Computer Game Design  
Draft concept design for a new mobile game: Nano Corps: Game Design: Nano Corps 
3G Racer, a mobile multiplayer racing game: Concept Game Design: 3G Racer 
Dynamo, an early PC game design: Game Studio Production Plan: Dynamo 

Mobile Phone Games Development 
Mobile game development (Embedded Games, SMS Games, Browsing (WAP) Games, J2ME Java Games): Mobile game development 
Java JME Games Source Code Template (UI, sprite animation, collision detection, application framework: Java Computer Game Source Code  
Computer Game QA and Bug Testing Checklist: Game QA Bug Checklist 
Making mobile phone games: Mobile Java Game Apps 

Games Industry 
SWOT business analysis of the Irish Computer Games Industry Irish Computer Games Industry Ireland  
The history and growth drivers behind the video games industry. The Computer Games Industry 

Games and Advertising: Advergaming 
Video Games as advertising and marketing tools Using Online Games to Advertise  
Viral games and ad marketing games Casual and Social Games  


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