Fierce Fun: HTML5 Cross Platform Capability

What is a cross-platform app? It is one application that your customers can use, regardless of their phone, tablet or PC type. Most consumers now have at least one of each. Even for large companies, it is difficult to continually update your applications to work on all possible platforms. Think of a cross platform app as being like a central point, with different platforms and devices connecting to IT, rather than having individual apps to suit each platform.

Building separate games and mobile applications for each device (iPhone, iPad Android, Windows Mobile) can be time consuming and expensive. It requires different frameworks, languages and developments skills.

The HTML5 standard is now complete and ratified by the World Wide Web Consortium (the guys who set all key standards for the Web). Using browser technologies, it allows companies to support all consumer platforms with one production process. More importantly, as it is now standardised, it will ensure future compatibility for your HTML5 applications

Fierce Fun uses HTML5 to create media rich highly interactive games and mobile applications.


If you like more information on our HTML5 cross platform development technology, don’t hesitate to get in contact.