Working with our clients and partners, we produce entertaining interactive content for all digital platforms. Innovation and creativity are part of our DNA – it’s just what we do. We specialise in highly interactive content such as games and customised mobile apps. Below are some samples of our work. If you want to pick our brains at any time, give us a call and we’ll put on a fresh brew!

Rights Runner

Type: HTML5 Web Game
Client: Ombudsman for Children’s Office
Format: Web Browser
Details here

AgriKids Virtual Reality App

Type: VR App
Client: AgriKids
Format: Oculus
Details here

Major Shootout

Type: Mobile Web Game
Client: Pundit Arena
Format: Mobile Web
Details here

AgriKids Mobile App

Type: Mobile Game
Client: AgriKids
Format: Apple IOS and Android
Details here


Games Pack

Type: Free Viral Games
Partner: FGL Publishing
Format: Web/Online


Vitamin D Defence

Type: Banner Ad Game
Client: Independent News & Media
Format: Web/Mobile (HTML5)


DX Hurdle Challenge

Type: Web Game
Client: Diaceutics
Format: Web/Mobile (HTML5)

Fantasy Politics Game

Type: Web Game
Client: Independent News & Media
Format: Web

Custom Game Development

Fierce Fun Games Library

In the global games industry, social & mobile games are now the key drivers of growth. This growth presents new commercial opportunities for media publishers and digital content producers.

We develop Web and mobile games for a variety of purposes such as viral marketing, brand promotion and online sales initiatives. These online games are developed for a variety of formats including HTML5, Android and Apple. They provide a quick playing experience and incorporate social sharing tools, targeted ads and in-game analytics.

For details on our full games library games, please contact us.