Fierce Fun at CoderDojo Coolest Project Dublin 2016

CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2016 was so special! Our games Terminus and QuizTimeTrivia were a big success with the little Ninjas CoderDojos!

They were playing and giving us their feedback all the time!

We are working on Terminus game so keep up with us for more news and the free preview version!

But the most popular with the adults was Quiz Time Trivia, it is a generational thing. Check it out freeplay

Here are a few more snaps of the CoderDojo Coolest Projects in Dublin: see the full album here

CoderDojo Fierce Fun








How to make Dublin the start-up capital of Europe

Many of the components are already in place to make Dublin the start-up capital of Europe. We believe Dublin (and Ireland) has real identifiable strengths in software development, rather than hardware. Owing to their nature, software businesses require less resources to start and, in general, grow faster. With the right focus and structures, Dublin has the potential to become the focal point for European start-ups looking to target the US and international markets.

We believe the following action points as important to further increase Dublin’s potential as a leading start-up hub:

  • Form a focus group of start-up CEOs to work with the various state bodies and give quick feedback on proposed initiatives
  • Create a virtual start-up package in partnership with Irish multinationals including Microsoft (Azure), Google (App Engine), Amazon (AWS) and Facebook (social platform).
  • Provide a ‘pitching platform’ to increase the number of start-up proposals reaching Irish and international funders and VCs.
  • Create a large open office space area for qualifying startups. If you ask most start-ups, office space is more important than funding during the very early stages. Even with virtual offices, physical teams work faster and more efficiently.

In Ireland and particularly Dublin, there are multiple stakeholders involved in the start-up ecosystem including incubators, banks, VCs, universities, multinationals and government enterprise agencies. Some of these organisations work well together. Others either overlap or do not communicate. This is a key area where the we need to ensure a more efficient start-up ecosystem.

Ireland’s Fastest ISP (Internet Service Provider)


So here we have it. A list of the top performing Internet Service Provider (ISPs) in Ireland. This list was taken from Steam, the global online gaming portal developed by Valve. It has close to 100 million users and as it hosts online games, it gives a good indication of the performance of ISPs as regards heavy download usage.

The table was compiled in September 2015 and shows the average download rates for Steam clients on the most popular Internet Service Providers, sorted by the number of bytes delivered to each network.

As it is just for gaming, obviously it is not a true measure of overall performance. However it is a useful indicator of those providers that have some serious download pipes!


Network Average Download Rate – Mbps
Liberty Global 39.2
HEANET HEAnet Limited,IE 24.4
MAGNET-AS Magnet Networks,IE 16.8
EIRCOM Eircom Limited,IE 11.2
VODAFONE-IRELAND-ASN Vodafone Ireland,IE 10.5
DIGIWEB-AS Digiweb Ltd.,IE 9.9
AS-BTIRE BT Communications Ireland Limited,IE 7.5
IBIS-AS Imagine Group Ltd.,IE 4.5
H3GIE Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited,IE 4.3